Muladhara Yoga Wellness Student Reflections Submission

At Muladhara Yoga Wellness, we cherish the journeys and transformations experienced through the practice of yoga. Our aim with this reflection submission is to gather genuine narratives from our beloved students about their paths of learning and growth. These stories, adorned with your images and optional social connections, will illuminate the way for others, offering insights and testimonials that resonate with the heart.

Our Intention

Sharing Your Light: What We Seek

Share Your Yoga Journey: Insights & Reflections

Guiding Principles: Privacy and Consent

  • We vow to honor your story and identity, ensuring your email remains confidential and is only used to weave your narrative more accurately into our tapestry.

  • A section of heartfelt consent, clarifying the intention behind gathering and sharing your reflections, assuring your autonomy in this process.

  • Our commitment to protecting your privacy aligns with the highest standards, respecting the sacredness of your journey and information.

The Cycle of Sharing and Reflecting

  • Each submission is embraced with openness and authenticity, undergoing a process of verification to honor the truth of each narrative.

  • You may receive a gentle reach-out for clarification, ensuring your story shines in its truest form.

  • Anticipate seeing your reflection shared on our platform, a process that unfolds in divine timing, aligning with the natural rhythm of our community's growth.

Designing with Heart and Harmony

  • Crafted to be as inviting and serene as our practice spaces, ensuring ease of sharing for all.

  • Each element of the form is infused with intention, offering guidance through tooltips inspired by the wisdom of yoga.

  • A preview of how your shared journey will be honored on our platform, allowing you to see through the eyes of the community.

In Gratitude: Our Follow-Up

  • Upon sharing your journey, a message of heartfelt thanks will be shared, acknowledging your contribution to our collective growth.

  • As your story takes its place among the tapestry of our community's narratives, we will reach out with a link to your published reflection, inviting you to witness the impact of your shared light.

a group of people doing yogas in a lake
a group of people doing yogas in a lake