At Muladhara, our yoga journey transcends the physical realm, venturing into spaces where the spirit awakens and flourishes. Our offerings—a harmonious blend of cutting-edge digital sessions and soul lap—merge the ancient with the modern, the inner with the outer. Our virtual ashrams harness advanced technology to bring the sacred practice of yoga right into your living space, enabling a connection that transcends physical boundaries. Yet, it is in our chosen sanctuaries amidst nature—the foot of Mount Kailash, the serene boundaries of Kalimpong, and the spiritual vistas of Sikkim—where the essence of Muladhara flourishes. Here, amidst the raw beauty of Earth, we offer soul-stirring retreats and workshops, carefully crafting each experience to align with the vibrational energy of these sacred lands. This is where we do our most profound work: connecting body, mind, and spirit with the elemental forces of nature, inviting every seeker on a journey towards enlightenment and inner peace

Where We Do: Embracing Spaces of Tranquility and Transformation

Embracing Sacred Spaces

The Heart of Muladhara Yoga

In the realm of Muladhara, our yoga transcends mere physicality, becoming a conduit for profound spiritual journeys. Our virtual sessions extend an invitation to a sanctuary where technology meets ancient wisdom, creating a bridge to the sacred, accessible from the comfort of your home.

Yet, it is in our carefully selected earthly sanctuaries where the soul truly begins to soar. From the mystical foothills of Mount Kailash to the tranquil terrains bordering Kalimpong and the pristine vistas of Sikkim, we create spaces that resonate with the elemental energies of nature. These are not just retreats; they are pilgrimages for the soul, designed to harmonize your inner being with the universe's rhythms.

Our workshops, set against the backdrop of nature's majesty or within the embrace of serene, air-conditioned halls, aim not just to teach but to transform. Each location is chosen for its potential to enhance the yogic experience, ensuring that every session enriches both body and spirit.

Embark on a Zen Quest

Premier Yoga Workshops and Retreat Sanctuaries

Dive into the transformative world of Muladhara Yoga, where we blend ancient traditions with modern innovations. Experience the unique serenity of our workshops and retreats, nestled in environments from enchanting gardens to the mystical foothills of Mount Kailash.

Digital Wisdom

Online Yoga Workshops

Embrace the ancient teachings of yoga through our premium online workshops. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we offer an immersive experience that bridges distances, inviting flexibility and depth into your practice.

Sacred Escapes

Exclusive Yoga Retreats

Discover the soulful tranquility of our bespoke retreats, set against the stunning backdrops of Kalimpong and the Sikkim border. These retreats are crafted for deep spiritual journeys, amidst landscapes that calm the mind and soothe the spirit.

A Path to Inner Harmony

Get set Flow

Muladhara offers a sanctuary, whether online or amidst the beauty of nature, for those on the path to self-enlightenment. Explore our workshops and retreats to embark on a journey of connection, transformation, and rejuvenation.

The Muladhara Journey: Where Every Location is a Path to Enlightenment

Join us on this sacred journey, where each step is an exploration of inner landscapes, guided by the wisdom of yoga and the beauty of the world around us. In these spaces, where earth meets sky and the heart meets the horizon, your journey towards enlightenment begins.